Do I have to sign a waiver each time my child jumps?
No. Waivers are valid for one year.

Do I have to fill out a separate waive for each child?
No, families can be included on just one waiver.

Who can sign the Liability Waiver?
Only the parent or legal guardian of the minor (under 18). If not a minor, you must sign for yourself

Who needs a Liability Waiver?
Each person that wishes to jump

Are shoes allowed on the trampolines?
No. We also recommend not jumping in socks to avoid slipping.

Is outside food or beverage allowed?
Absolutely not. No gum is allowed, either.

Can I print out the waiver and bring it in or does it have to be filled out online?
Liability waivers must be filled out online. Please DO NOT print and bring into Airborne.